I've been a fan of funny T Shirts since the 1980s and this is one of the best one stop shops for them. Customer care and Postage and packaging is good too. Repeat customer. – How would you describe your experience with us overall (for our review page)?

Maybe up the quality of the T Shirts and printings too. I personally would not mind paying a bit more for both, but not artisanal Covent Garden "ethical" (sic) cotton kind of prices. First things to go are the More T Vicar on the back inside, then the print, depending on how it was done, the black Viz ones like "Pint and a Fight" hold up better. I don't Tumble dry my T Shirts personally and only drip dry them to try and care for them longer. But the cotton could be a tiny bit thicker and and longer. As it is, I don't mind getting replacements now and then for me and the wife. Website is looking a bit old and it's hard to navigate sometimes, but that's also ok. Maybe invest again now and once, leave as is again! – Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

  • 5/10 – How easy was it to buy from us?
  • 5/10 – How well did we keep you informed?
  • 8/10 – How happy are you with your purchase(s)?

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