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hi i bought three t-shirts. i wanted two, the guardian one and the world map one. i chose a third because of the offer four for three. good idea on your part; i think most people could choose two ... so the temptation's there. i can resist most things apart from that. anyway, there was i thinking the fourth will probably be 'the daily mash' t-shirt, and i thought, 'i can live with that ... good site ... always get a giggle-with me so far? you sent 'kellogg's apple jacks'. i mean, what does that say? all the same kind regards pete – Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

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    Hi Pete
    I'm so sorry that you weren't happy with your free T shirt. The offer is actually for a free "Lucky Dip" T shirt for an over £40.00 spend not a buy 3 get a fourth. With the free T shirt we attempt to match up the size and average gender of the order but not necessarily the manufacturer. Apple Jacks is a great quality T shirt but have to agree that it's a diversion away from your purchasing theme. We'll try and get it right another time:0). Meanwhile thanks for your feedback and supporting our site.
    Have a great evening
    Kind regards


    Heather Wilde –