Purchasing the two coffee mugs was a quick, simple & straightforward process. Happy with everything. Arrived quickly as was securely packaged. – How would you describe your experience with us overall (for our review page)?

The Dadland and Cummings of the North mugs are presents for my family members and unfortunately not for me. It’s a shame because they’re both very funny. MoreTVicar has a great choice of Viz Comic merch. I think you should do more tea towels, more choice of designs. It would great to be able to buy The Elvis Presley Battle of Britain Tutankhamen Clock (that was available years ago), either the actual clock, or the Sunday Supplement style print on a tea towel. I’d buy The Shittish Isles map if it was on a tea towel too. Thank you. – Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

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