I ordered my first item at the beginning of December and to be honest the whole process was shoddy. I wasn't even sure if I had been scammed. I did get the item I wanted in the end though. So I decided to get another present recently. Completely different experience. Everything was tracked and I was informed at all stages, so much better. Bit disappointed with the product though. Maybe I'll get a third time lucky on all counts! – How would you describe your experience with us overall (for our review page)?

The print quality on the mug wasn't so good. I think there was too much detail. I got the 'manc walk' mug. You couldn't actually read some of the text and the rest you had to study a bit. Shame really. – Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

  • 9/10 – How easy was it to buy from us?
  • 9/10 – How well did we keep you informed?
  • 7/10 – How happy are you with your purchase(s)?

20/01/2020 Add public reply